How do I file a complaint against Bank of America Home Loans, or at least against a loan officer?

I was with another mortgage company when I transferred my complete loan package to BoA. All the loan officer needed to do was transfer all the information to their own paperwork. I was told I would be closed in 15 days. It has now been over two months and every step of the way I’ve been treated like a non-human. Questions have been left unanswered, phone calls have not been returned, and emails have not been answered either. Because of the loan officer’s poor service to this loan, I’ve lost money and some long-term tax benefits (too detailed to go into here). Finally, I was set to close last week and when I got to closing, the settlement statement was incorrect. I had to sit and wait for an updated one. When I looked it over, it looked correct, so I signed it and all the paperwork and was told I was closed.

Then I got an email two days later stating that I wasn’t closed, that in fact they sent the wrong settlement statement again. I’m concerned they are doing this to jack up fees and get more money out of me. I would like to file a complaint, but of course there is no information on their website on how to do this. Has anyone done it before? Any ideas what I can do?


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