How do I build my credit?! I’m only 18 & need advice !?

So I’m 18 & I have no credit. I know that no credit is just as bad as bad credit.. I really would like to get my own phone plan in my name, but every phone place I go wants to charge me at least $ 500 down bc I have no credit… & I know credit is an important thing to have for your future but I have no idea where to begin! I’ve been told that you can get a beginner credit card & just use it for gas, Etc… But I have no clue on where I can get this card, or anything! I’m pretty oblivious when it comes to credit & I’m at the age where I should start worrying about things like this… Someone please help?! & if it helps I’m in South Carolina so.. Where can I go & how do I get a beginner’s credit card?! Thank you 🙂

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