How did you compromise with your spouse/significant other when it came down to buying a house?

Me and my fiance are not financially ready to buy a house (hopefully we will be in a year or two) but we are still actively looking, we plan on buying a house within the next few years. Because of the economy, in our metropolitan area, there are so many houses that have been foreclosed, and in general houses are selling for really low price. You can get a really nice house for 60-100k. I have been searching online, and he likes to look when he goes for his run. We have so many options, and we have both seen dozens of houses that we love.

The problem? I think his tastes in houses are ugly. And I’m sure he doesn’t think my taste is the best either. I KNOW that the house’s outward appearance is far from being the most important, but like I said, we have so many choices in our price range, why not pick one that we love? We’ll be living there for a long time, so I do want to live in a house that I think is beautiful.

I grew up in a beautiful house in Detroit, in a neighborhood with a lot of nice old houses, built in the 20s and 30s (I love architecture from that time period). That’s the kind of house I want, and I’ve found a lot for a good price. He likes the modern clone houses in the suburbs with the side panels and all the excess land that needs one of those lawn mowers that you can ride on. I cringe whenever he shows me a house that he likes. I know we are going to eventually have to make a decision, and I want both of us to be happy. So how did you compromise when it came down to buying a house? Did you eventually learn to be happy with your home?

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