How can you raise your credit score if you are constantly denied when applying for credit?

I was told that in order to raise a poor credit score, you need to pay things on time and get new credit to work with. I’ve been paying my car payment on time (which has ultimately raised my score a few points-almost into the good score range-600’s) However, I do have about $ 2,000.00 left in the bad credit part of my credit score, which marjorily is medical bills and one other thing-a bad cell phone bill. I am trying to pay off each one little by little, but I really need my score to start going up faster! I have to buy a new car soon, which I will have a co-signer with not much better credit then me. However, we can afford the car. I also tried applying for a credit card that said when I was applying, that specific card was geared towards people that want to build up a lower credit score and I still got denied!! How in the hell can I raise my score if this keeps happening? I can’t wait forever to get my life back on track when I’m trying my hardest to fix what I didn’t have much to do with in the first place (bad cred from a HUGE surgery I couldn’t pay and was gipped into).
What else can be done?
Let me say I have never filed bankruptcy and I was just approved for an apartment.
I have no outstanding credit cards or balances in the bad credit section either. They were all paid off over 2 years ago.
I wasn’t asking to get a credit card so I can dig myself into a deeper hole. I was asking because this is how I was told I can raise my credit. By making small purchases (I already planned on making) and paying them off with the cash I would have used. Thus showing a good repor with the crediting agencies.

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