How can we get approved without a cosigner?

My boyfriend (21) of four years and I (19) are trying to take over the lease of an apartment. This will be our first place. The deposit has been paid by the current renter, and rent is only $ 590 a month. I bring in about $ 700 a month, and my boyfriend brings in about $ 800 a month. We are going to apply on Tuesday (the current renter keeps saying we’re going to sign the lease, but I’m assuming we’ll have to apply for the place first). Assuming we DO have to apply first, how can we get approved without a cosigner? I have no family, and my boyfriend has no family who has a job and isn’t in debt. We have absolutely no one who would be able to cosign our apartment. I have have worked a total of 13 months. I worked 10 months at my first job, then took a 4 month break because I had to move… then I got a job with the same company closer to where I live, and have been working there for 3 months now. (I don’t have a stable place to live, but can easily afford it as long as I can get approved)! My boyfriend has had a job for two or so years now? I’m not really sure. Neither of us have credit cards, though. I am getting a transfer so I will still have a job where we are trying to move, and I was also told I can come in for an interview from another company where I’d get more hours than I do at my current job. My boyfriend is keeping his part-time job, but starts school on January 8th. There’s got to be a way to get approved without a cosigner, right? We need a place by January 1st. We will only have $ 700 or so saved by then. I’ve talked to many people about taking over their lease, but this is the only one we can afford… it’s 5 minutes walking distance from my boyfriend’s school, too…
We only have $ 700 saved up because of the $ 350 + $ 200 we pay in rent now. Plus there’s gas, he lives an hour away and comes to see me a few times a month (this will be an extra $ 40 a week AT LEAST saved once we get a place). I have to pay $ 40 for my driving test this month. The $ 590 includes all utilities besides electricity which they say is about $ 20 a month. We’re going to set aside $ 100 a month for it. We have more than enough to afford this place. All we need is to be approved. We make $ 1500 per month (this is me rounding down our hourly pay as well as our hours per week). With all of the expenses we pay now, saving $ 700 in 4 weeks proves we CAN afford this place.
Current renter does not want his deposit back. He needs to move because of a job or something. I only needed two weeks off from work, the four months was because the area that I moved to had no available jobs (besides some I was not qualified for). I applied for jobs and went to interviews. I couldn’t find a cheap enough car until the end of the four months, which is why it was much easier for me to get a job. I pass four of my companies stores to get to the one I work at. Lol. Anyways, thank for trying to help. There’s just too much information that needs to be given to get an answer that actually makes sense for my specific situation! Lol. Thank you, everyone.

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