How can my Husband & I raise our Credit score in a few short months?

OK so my husband is 34 years old & has absolutely NO established credit because he has always paid for everything in cash – well now that we have saved up to buy our Dream home – we CANT get approved because he has no Credit

So our Mortgage specialist told us that if we could get his name put on my Parents credit card then it would raise our score to at least 600 -which is what we were told we would need to even be able to buy a house – & my parents were cool with that but there is one problem – they dont have a Credit Card – the closest thing to a Credit card they have is an Equity Line of Credit they use as a debit card – I am not sure if that would be the same thing or if they could add him to that at all

So my question is How can we get his score up to a 600 by the end of this Summer – or is it impossible ? i was told that it takes at least 6 months to raise your score – well we dont have 6 months – we found the house we want & have enough for the down payment but cant get approved until we fix the credit situation – It really sucks & we dont want to loose this house over our failure to establish credit – What can we do to get fast results ???

Are there any Credit cards out there that build credit fast ? Any programs out there to build credit fast ? Please help – we need credit guidance – what are the options out there ?

Thanks so much
Then what about my parents Co-signing ?

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