How can I get my $5000 deposit back from seller?

I live in philadelphia, PA. I placed an offer on a house because I was preapproved for a home loan. but the loan processor surprised me that they have to denial my mortgage because of my student loan. therefore, the bank want me to put at least 35% down or paid off my student loan. As my situation, there is no way i can have another $ 30K to paid off this unexpected amount since I am a first time buyer and only have 20% down and money for closing costs and a few bucks to fix the house. The agent told me my credit is great and the bank pre-approved me, so we had nothing hindering our house search,…. but Now the problem is the seller refuse to refund my $ 5000 deposit and even have an attorney send a letter to my agent saying that the seller is not going to refund my deposit and also ask for another $ 5000 dollars because I waste their time…. I am speechless, on the contract i am elected for mortgage contingency shouldn’t i get my deposit back? what is buyer’s rights? i have real estate agent, why they won’t be able to help me and do i have to find a lawyer by myself? please help, i am so panic! i will be really thanks for your kindness help and advice.

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