how can i get a mortgage when denied from a bank?

ok so here goes. i am currently on dissability due to a ruptured aneurysm. i have several medical malpractice cases that are out of pre suit and in full suit. but it will be another 12 months untill i see any money it has been over 2 years already. my parents put 10000.00 down on a house that i am renting w option of buying. they have more money to put down, but have been turned down from the banks. there debt to income ratio is 61 needs to be 55? i can not move again. the owner gave us 6 months to get the mortgage, but wells fargo strung us along for 3 months to tell us no. what are my options? I will be able to pay this house off in the next 12 months or so. but i need help now.
the house sold for 365000.00 in 2005 and the owner is only asking 240000.00 to pay off his outstanding loan.
please help!

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