How can I get a loan with bad credit?

I have had some trouble with my past credit and I am in a very bad bind right now. I just recently became a single mom again, and am suffering with the loss of income in the house. I am renting because the mobile home I own (which is free and clear from the bank) is very old and in such disrepair that it became unable to be lived in. I was going to fix it up and sell it or even possibly move back into it, but sales in our area are terrible. When we moved out of it, someone robbed us of the hot water heater, air unit, and stripped part of our roof. HAving no insurance this is a huge expense. So now it is even worse than before. I wanted to move back in it so I don’t have a mortgage/rent to pay until I get on my feet, but I am behind on taxes and about to lose it. I am looking for a company that will give me a loan so that I can get the taxes paid up and I can do at least the minor repairs needed to make sure it is livable for me and my children until I can do better financially. I have tried online but have had such a hard time finding something reputable and FAST. I only have 30 days to work with and really need to get this handled so I do not lose the only thing I have left. Are there any suggestions??
And no I am not unemployed and do not appreciate that assumption. I am a teacher and have a good income. However when another person leaves a household and the income is cut in HALF to support a household then yes it is difficult to make ends meet. Therefore attempting to be proactive about making the move back to our own home in order to be able to better afford expenses until I get acclimated to doing it alone.

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