How can I find out what state a Sprint “debt” originated from?

I’ve been dealing with a debt collection agency trying to make me pay for a phone line I never had. I’ve gone through all kinds of calls, and for some reason, Sprint does have my personal info, and says I did create a home phone account. I have never owned a home phone in my life though. I had them send me copies of the bills, and there were never any calls made on this line, etc. But I’m getting away from my original question.

I am trying to find out what state the debt originated in. This is because the statute of limitation on debt determines the validity of the debt. Different states have different SOL’s so I need to find out what state Sprint debts originate in.

I’ve looked all over the internet, but cannot find any answers. HELP!

Thanks all!
I live in Florida, and did at the time the “debt” originated. I believe the creditor can pick whichever state has the longer SOL. Luckily Florida is 4 years, and that passed a few days ago. kansas is only 3 years, so that’d be great.

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