How can I find my ex husband? For legal reasons?

There are two reasons I need to find him. (We have a 6 year old son together that he hasnt seen in years and has had no contact with in over 1 1/2 years)

1: We live in Germany now, with his permission to leave the country, and we have been here for almost 1 year now. We are having trouble getting my son registered as living here and getting him insurance because we dont have his fathers address or even know where he is.

2: He owes over $ 4000 in back child support and not even child support can locate him.

It would be nice to have that back support but my main concern is getting my son registered in our town and on my and my husbands insurances. (My son does not even have medical insurance because he cant get it unless the insurance company has the needed information about his biological father; phone, address, etc)
I have a cell phone number and have tried it and left several messages but never get an answer or returned call.

The last known address for my ex is in WA state. I dont have an employer, current address, home phone, email, nothing. Only the cell that continues to go unanswered. I have the phone number to one sister and the email address to his mother and another sister. No one will give me any information. They just say to call him.

How can I find him? I dont have the money to pay for something online (plus Im afraid that Ill pay the money and it will be another dead end) and I for sure dont have the money for a PI. Please help! What can I do???

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