How can I find a home loan after 1 year of bankruptcy?

Ok, so I know it is possible to get a home loan after bankruptcy but I know it is hard. I currently have a middle credit score of 650. I’m not going to go in great detail over why I had to file bankruptcy. Hard times, husband lost his job, husband got sick, husband is why we had to file for Bankruptcy. Anyways I am wanting to apply for a home loan by myself. My husband is still sick and cannot work. I know lenders don’t have a heart or really give a crap about that but thats the situation (sorry just frustraited with life) Anyways, I don’t want to apply to a million places just to have them say no, I know that hurts my credit and I’m trying to repair that, I’ve already applied at a place and got denied. I just want an honest lender that will possibly lend to me. I know thats hard to find, but how do I find them. FHA will not lend to me untill a year from now, I am sick of renting and basically throwing money away. My rent payment is more than a house payment would be, I’m not even looking for a huge loan, around 50,000 lots a nice places to choose from for that prices where I live could have gotten a nice house for $ 25,000 but couldn’t get the loan for it, someone else scooped it up quickly. I have $ 5000 for a down payment. How do I find a loan?
Yea you say most, I’m not looking for most, I am looking for the ones who will. Their are a lot of poor people out in the world that can only afford a $ 50,000 house, as well as lots of people that buy $ 50,000 houses with a loan. So most is not all. Do not answer my question if your just going to tell me I can’t get a loan. Their are places, I want to know what they are so I can research them!
When I say honest lender, I mean someone who will work with me and tell me the truth. I have been told they exist. I don’t want an 10% interest rate which is what I am told is all I can get. I don’t want a scam lender is all I meant. I do have decent credit history besides the bankruptcy and I have a full time job that I have been at for 4 years. I make enough to qualify for a $ 50,000 loan thats all you need to know.

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