How can I finance my business?

I am a professional business plan while writing, but to invest anything other than the inventory that I started collecting. I do not have inventory on consignment and not paid until it sells. I hope my shop to open in about 2 years. I’m also my bachelor’s degree in marketing management when I ask for a loan. Currently, my credit card is not great (all payments on time, except for my mortgage 90 days late before I sign for the modification of the high debt to income ratio as well). I will not be much safer than my house is not in a much more valuable than what I have on this. I want a partner (for purposes of co-signing), has a credit outstanding, but they prefer to give advice werden.Bitte limited to repairing my credit card and how to obtain the funds. I feel like it will be impossible to start a business without either security or a huge front investment. Only a guide to funding would be needed at least $ 20-30000 (6 months spending a reasonable amount of advertising and commissioning.) Must be grants and federal loans available? Should I wait to get married? When I click on a woman who will help my credit opportunities? My Finace is not much credit, either, and we do not expect the company and laufen.Auch someone tell me more about how business loan be repaid? Is there a grace period when you open a new business? Student loans will prevent me from opening my business? Would I be better to continue my education to go part time (Masters) on my loan while I am starting this business? Thank you!

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