How can I buy a house or FHA financed- fourplex with a VA loan?

I earn $ 10/hour and work full time. Can I buy a small house in a cheap real estate area (Denver)?
If my wife’s parents help, we can get the $ 8,000 from the gov’t but they don’t have good credit. My father has great credit and might be able to co-sign but how would 3 signers and one co-signer affect the terms of the loan?

Would it be legal for my Dad cosign on the loan and then my mother and father in law help me pay the mortgage but not be on the loan? My father in law is a Veteran but has terrible credit and DTI ratios.

My expenses are about $ 700/month and the field I am working in, I have been working in for over three years. I own a home in another state which I bought in May 2005. I have never missed a payment and it has been rented since Feb. 2008.

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