How can bad credit be good?

My best friend 2 years ago filed for bankruptcy. She was forced to close all her accts. She had delinquincies in her report. She got a credit card for bad people with a low revolving line. In 2 years she has 4 credit cards and a good credit score. I have an unsecured credit card with a $ 300 limit (not even close to being maxed out) and another card on a debt management program. For 3 years I have paid more than the minimum on each card (the $ 300 card and paid MORE than what debt mgmt. co negotiated) I have always paid before the due date. I have a school loan that I pay on time all the time and never missed a payment. Her credit score is EXPONENTIALLY higher than mine while mine has staid in the high 500’s for a long time. AND when I just applied for a store credit card I got denied. I asked if my $ 300 limit card could be raised to $ 500 – and was denied. My 3 credit reports from last week don’t show anything out of the ordinary. I cant figure out why I was denied credit.

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