How can a student build their credit?

I just found out I can’t go to college because of my mother’s credit score.
I am now in shock but I want to know if I can do anything to build credit for myself?
I’m trying to get in the 600 credit score range. I have no credit at the moment-I want to build it as fast as possible! Please, I really don’t have a clue as to how all of this works.
I pay for my phone bill ($ 73 a month) but that’s on my mothers account. Should I get my own phone account to prove I can make payments on time? Sorry…I’m really lost right now!
Ah, and how long will it take me to build a good credit score?
I can use my phone payments and report them to the PRBC to build credit as well, right?
I did apply for government financial aid, I received scholarships and financial aid from my school-there is no way I’m going to school in the fall. I’m not an idiot-my school is accredited, etc. On a 4.0 scale my grade point average is a 3.7. My school offered to pay 25% (later they offered more) of my tuition and free dorm stay…I’m still unable to go.

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