House is listed for sale, is it possible to miss payments and do loan modification?

We just streamline refinanced 2 months ago to make it easier on our monthly mortgage payments. However, my husband got laid off and is no longer able to work since he has been diagnosed with vascular dementia. So, we decided to speak to our realtor and put up our house for sale.

With the bills piling up, I know I will not be able to pay the next month’s mortgage and most likely at all. Can we miss next month’s payment even if our house is listed for sale? If we do, what would happen if we missed a couple of payments, and a buyer comes along?

Can we ask our lender to do a “loan modification” if we become delinquent, but our house is listed as for sale.. should we let our lender know?

Thank you in advance… hope you understand all my questions, as I am not a native English speaker.
Please report “asii,” he is a spammer.

There are lots of offer regarding streamline for our first house to lower down the current rate of our fixed rate mortgage. However, we have paid so much on the interest and the savings per monthif we opted for streamline is low comparable to what we have already paid for two years. My question is, what happens to the interest that we have paid for 2 years. Do we have to go back paying the original loan, as if we havent paid anything at all, just to have our interest rate lowered?

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