Homeownes insurance, does agent owe me anything?

My ins. policy lapsed in may (2006), I called the agent to quote me a new policy. He called me back, quoted me approx 250 per year for a landlord policy. He said my downpayment on the policy was approx 50 dollars. I came in to the agency that day, signed the policy, and gave them the check. My mortgage company nor myself never received anything, although my check was cashed. I called several times and was told everything was fine and they would send a dec page tto my mortgage company. My mortgage company placed forced insurance on my account. Which increased my payment. I sold the property July 31 2006 and I paid the mortgage company xtr$ 357 for homeowners ins from May 28 – July 31 PLUS I paid the insurance agent $ 50 for a total of $ 407. i WAS QUOTED just over $ 20 PER month for the policy from my agent so I should have paid about $ 60 for those 3 months. My mortgage company wont give my money back because my agent fails to prove a policy was issued and my agent refuses to refund me
The $ 50 would have covered me about 2.5 months , so it should have coverd 5-28 to 7-31. Its not my fault they didnt issue the policy properly. I think they owe me the $ 357 paid to mortgage company due to their error, because every dime of that money was unnecessary and essentially duplicate coverage at a rate more than 5 times higher. Obviously, they havent done anything at all to correct the situation and Ive called 3 more times since 7-31.
By the way, I have my p& c license, and this is the company I used to work for. My boyfriend OWNS the agency.I trusted them not to screw me. When I went in, I signed a new app, but didnt get anything cuz I was in a hurry. And my prior policy I had a year, it lapsed because I didnt renew it.

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