Home mortgage/underwriter?

My fianc√© and I are buying a house. Well he is as I’m not working right now because I’m in school full time. We are suppose to be a week out from closing and now things seem to have a taken a turn for the bad. We have given them everything they have asked for, now the mortgage underwriter wants 12 mints of rent checks(which we don’t have as will live in the 2nd family part of his family’s house and we pay cash) then they asked for utility bills, which we don’t have because everything is in his parents name. Now they want to know about his history in paying insurance which even that he doesn’t pay as its in his fathers name. Is this going to disqualify us a week before we are supposed to close?
I’m 35 years old, he is 34. Just has always lived at home and never felt the need to change anything into his name. We have a checking account as well as our own thank you very much. We have things in our name just not utilities nor rent checks as I said we pay cash.
Oh and we were preapproved which is why this is all coming as a shock now less then a week from closing
We also put down $ 13000

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