Home loans to illegals have a default rate of 0.5%, so how did the immigration crackdown add to our crisis?

Financial institutions report that home loans to illegal immigrants have a default rate of 0.5%, up until 2007 when the immigration crackdown went into full force. So how did this crackdown on people that actually pay their loans add to our mortgage crisis? We are in very bad shape, so why would people want to deport them over the ones that are committing crime?

Home Loans to Illegal Immigrants Sturdy

RISMEDIA, Oct. 15, 2007-Despite the downturn of the mortgage market, a type of home loan has remained surprisingly sturdy: one extended to illegal immigrants.

For loans more than 90 days in arrears, ITIN mortgages have a delinquency rate of about 0.5%, according to independent estimates. That compares with 1% for prime mortgages and 9.3% for subprime mortgages extended to those with spotty credit histories.

Illegal Immigrants Turn Out To Be Good Mortgage Risks

Amid the housing loan debacle, one segment of the mortgage market is solid: illegal immigrants.

One reason for the high reliability of “individual taxpayer identification number” mortgages is that banks actually screen applicants thoroughly. Illegal immigrants, who don’t have valid Social Security numbers, typically must submit more documents than U.S. citizens, including payroll and tax records. Had banks checked subprime applicants this closely, a lot of today’s pain could have been avoided.

Another reason, according to the Journal, is the work ethic of immigrant families, most of them Latino. Immigrant households make it a priority to pay the mortgage before anything else. Illegals who worry about deportation don’t want the added risk of angering their bank.
@Maryland, I know they are 3 years old. Did you even read my entire question? Please re-read it.

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