Home Loan Falls through, may lose house?

We are trying to buy a house for $ 50,000. We went to three different banks and each one said that it wounldn’t be a problem and then when they start the process, it falls through. We were told that are debt to ratio levels were too high but yet every bank came up with different numbers! The we decided to go with a mortgage company to get a USDA loan. Three weeks ago we did all of the paperwork and were told we would get an answer in a week. A week later we call back and find out that the guy who we talked to went on vacation and the people in the office didn’t know anything about our loan application so we had to do it all over again. Finally, last week, we got the paperwork submitted and were told that it takes 4-5 days to get a conditional approval back and to call today. I called today and was told that they haven’t heard anything and that the original guy we talked to was back in the office and would call use when he hears something. Meanwhile, the lady who has been waiting for 2 months for us to get a loan (she is a family friend) is getting to her breaking point and is tired of waiting as she is getting other offers. I don’t know what to do and this whole mess is tearing our family apart because of the stress. How long can it possibly take for us to know if we can get even just a pre-approval?? If something doesn’t happen soon, we are going to lose this house and it is the only one in our rural area that is an amount that we can afford. How can we stop getting the run-around everywhere we go? Does anyone have any advice?
The credit scores across the board are higher then 650, the total monthly debt is $ 687 and monthly income is $ 2,500. There hasn’t been a fair ratio quoted for us. One was 37%, another 52%, another 41%, and finally we were told 47% at the mortgage company. This company we are working with didn’t say anything about us having a bad debt-to-income ratio, they are just not working with us very well and taking a long time to work on this loan.

Hello im going through the usda for a rural home loan and i turned in the preapplication then they sent me the real application i turned that one in then they asked for paystubs,rent history,and a couple other stuff then a 34$ money order for a mortgage credit report fee so i was wondering if we are for sure going to get the laon or what steps come next?thankyou

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