Home loan approval question?

So we are in a process of getting our house. Today we got a big envelope with Truth in Lending disclosure. It also has a loan company (bell homeloans) plus it says our lender is Sierra Pacific Mortgage, which probably means that the loan was sold or is being sold? Does this mean that we’ll most likely get our house soon?

Ok, our bank, Wells Fargo, bough out our mortgage from Sierra Pacific almost a year ago. Yesterday we went to the bank to try to refinance and we find out our loan is AMR NOT 30 year fixed like we sighned the papers too!!! So when the bank repossessed our mortgage, the changed it, is that even legal??? I’m really upset because they can’t even tell us how many years the AMR is fixed. HELP? WHAT SHOULD WE DO AND WHAT ARE OUR OPTIONS!!!
As soon as I came home, we pulled out the papers to make sure, and yes, we signed for a 30 year fixed loan.
Sorry about the repossessed word. No, we were never late on our payments or anything, i guess it happens allot when banks take over your mortgage, well that’s what happened, we didn’t try to refinance or anything until now. We went to the bank, and they say, “Oh, you have an ARM, for how many years?” And I’m like, ” NO we have 30 years fixed” He said, “well look, our records show that you have ARM, you probably forgot.” RIIIIIGHT. I went home and reviewed all the loan paperwork, I’m not dumb, I know when it says 30 years fixed.

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