Home lender isolationist, but the second is not the issue 1099C?

My return home was excluded girlfriend on 12/2007. She received a 1099A from 1 Lenders to 1 / 2008. She never received the 2nd 1099C Lender. They called and asked the second lenders have the 1099C in 2 / 2008 and was told he was not officially home to 1 / 2008 excluded, so they are not in a 1099C 2009. He is now 3 / 2009, and he has not had a 1099C. She called the two lenders have again and this time they said they are not the issue of 1099C and if they do not pay, their account “deleted”, and Inkassobüro.Zusätzliche Information: Home was her home purchase of a principal residence (in California) to 3 / 2005 for $ 325,000 (100% financing) 1 Loans: 260.0002. Loans: 65.000Immobilien was to oust 12/2008Nie refinanziert.1099 Total 1 Lenders (obtained from 1 / 2008) box1 Box2 27/12/2007:. 260,000 box3: 260.200Frage: What are the tax implications? Did they just tax returns this year, as a rule, as if they never 1099C? Does this mean that the loan has not been canceled? If not all the “purchase price” non-recourse loan in CA, including second mortgages, if so, is necessary, even thought the house was excluded? I thought that Once it is finished exclude …. In contrast to bad debts, they can do? We are getting married later this year that I want to deny responsibility for their old debts? Can she follows me because we are married? Thus, in the situation I described, the second mortgage is a “non-recourse” or “remedy”? According to the forum, some say it is and some say it’s nicht . Wenn “non-recourse”, then technically it is not responsible, is not it? thx

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