Home equity loan term is running out. what to do now?

Our loan was for 5 years. That time is almost up but we will still owe approx. 66,000.00 as a balloon payment. Cannot find any information on what we can do now. All I can find is that you can refinance it through your existing company. We have done this twice before over the past 10 years. However, this time we have had a severe drop in our credit score. Our estimated property value is at least 3 times what we need to borrow in order to pay off this 66,000.00 balloon payment. would like it to be a regular mortgage, or whatever, so that at the end of the term, we wont owe anything.I guess I am wondering if my current bank is obligated to refinance it or would I be forced to find another company who finances couples with poor credit. We have been with this same bank for 15 years. The last time we refinanced the equity loan, when our credit was good, I asked the banker to set it up so that we wouldnt owe so much at the end of it. I guess he thought that 66,000.00 wasnt SO MUCH. Is any company out there helping couples in our situation .

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