Hi, we started our home buying process the 4th of April. the seller and i agreed to close on the 22nd of May.?

my husband and i submitted all the documents to our lender a couple of weeks ago and everything else that they asked. we had the house inspected and until now we haven’t heard from the underwriter yet. our loan officer submitted all our docs to the underwriter 2 weeks ago. the bank’s underwriter is based in Ohio. we are here in Alaska. does it take more than 2 weeks for the underwriter to approve a loan? will there be a possibility that our loan will not be approved? if the underwriter has questions, shouldn’t he ask us for more documentation? our lender said all our docs are complete. and up to now, she’s still waiting for the response from the underwriter in Ohio. btw, the check we’ve given as earnest money (named to our realtor’s company) has already been withdrawn. kindly share your thoughts about this situation. thank you very much!
hi, i called up my husband and he confirmed that our earnest money has been withdrawn payable to the realty last week. is our money safe? i don’t want to ask this question(yet) to our agent because I don’t want to offend her. what she did was, on the day we put an offer to the house, she asked for earnest money to assure the seller we are serious buyers.

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