Help with credit score because of student loan?

I am currently in school. I have taken out only the amount needed in federal student loan money (after scholarships). To make a long story short, my student loans are not in repayment at this time. When I first began school, my student loans were owned by a student loan company. Around the 2009/2010 school year, student loans from that year were transferred to the government.

The problem is that with the student loan being transferred to the government, that lowered my credit score tremendously. My credit is fair because of that. Everything else on my credit score has positive marks. This loan has not entered repayment, and them transferring from a student loan company to the federal government was not my fault. This student loan is not is default nor is it delinquent.

What should I do? Who should I contact? The bank who disbursed the student loan or the credit score agent?
The credit report is from Citi Identity Monitor. On the report where it said that the loan was transferred, it has -111… All of the other accounts, which are student loans that haven’t been transferred doesn’t have a -111.. mark, but a 111… mark. I don’t know, maybe the problem is that Citi Identity Monitor isn’t reliable. With the accounts that were not transferred, they say that the account is in good standing.
I took a closer look at the report and did some research and noticed that each substidized and unsubstidized loan qualifies as an individual loan. After looking at credit analyzer on the website, I noticed that each loan that you take out takes a huge chunk out of your credit score. I see what you guys are saying.

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