Help with Amortization Table!!!!! It’s a lot to read but help will be greatly appreciated!!?

For any excel, financial, mortgage etc geniuses out there, I’m doing an amortization table for my college class and we’re supposed to be able to calculate a 30 year mortgage principal balance down to zero at the end of the 30 years. Whats the formula for this? By the way to make sure I am doing things correctly, I had to find the mortgage payment as well. I got 1,540.32. Am I right?

HERE ARE THE NUMBERS: Interest rate 4.5; house price 380; 20 percent downpayment; 30 year fixed loan
Maybe I didnt explain myself correctly, so I’ll try again. What formula can I use to basically drag and drop so I dont have to enter the numbers in 359 more times? Can someone break it down into what exactly I need to put in excel? Thank you

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