Help to become a nurse as a single mother?

I’m 28 I have two children at school, which I share custody 50/50. I am a homeowner with a mortgage on his head and I run a day care companies are going under slowly, because people think it is to lose jobs and need not care day I would like to be a nurse and I have no idea where to start. I can not afford to stop working and go to school, but I never for the amount of student loans to my mortgage monthly 1500, 300 cars of payment would be paid, etc. .. qualify for the last two years I worked my ass with my business and has another job during the nights of my ex to keep the children with mortgage and change, I can not afford it, so I can keep my house long enough to sell at least what I am guilty. I am going to school online, but do not have time to get good grades, I’m a little work myself to death and make me crazy. I urge a nurse has always been my dream, but so far I have miserably to develop my life’s dream can be realized. what can I do to prepare myself to go to nursing school? The council said it was a very bad idea to work, while in the program. I looked for months for grants and there is nothing real that I found! what can I do? I really have no idea where to start.

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