Help Settle this Money Dispute With My Husband?

I do not consider my husband is good with money. We have been married almost 6 years. Prior to the wedding he moved in with me, I didn’t know that he had been evicted from his apartment. At the time, he made a little over 60 thou yearly and the apt was 1000 monthly. After he moved in with me, I “loaned/paid” off the judgement from the apartment, several years back taxes to the tune of over 5 thou. Since the marriage, he has had several debt problems. He constantly runs up credit cards and has poor credit. All of this when we were making good money together and had a low mortgage. We decided to sell my home and purchase one together as he wanted one in his name also. His credit rating was low, I took hold of his finances, paid his bills, gave him an allowance and started him up a savings account. He had fair credit rating when I was finished. By the time we sold the house, the credit cards were back up, his savings was gone and he ended up withdrawing 3 (or 4) thou from our joint savings to pay off his credit cards. He ruined his credit and I ended up putting the house in my name to keep the interest rate low. My rating was close to 800. So its been two years & the same problems. He is living paycheck to paycheck. We make an even amount of money, but I pay at least 60% of everything. He has credit card bills, smoking habit and I feel too flagrant with his money. We have had utilities cut off, he has bounced checks, and sometimes does not have grocery money. I have had to go without Mother’s Day or Christmas presents, but I am always good to him. I bail him out time and time again using savings from the sell of my old home. A couple of times, I told him to hand his paycheck over to me, so I can handle the bills. He did it reluctantly, but always took it back in two or three days, because we would argue. Now I am sick of going into my savings, it will not last forever. He owes me hundreds of dollars, he had no money for Christmas presents for our kids. I asked him to turn over his entire paycheck with the exception of $ 50.00 per week. I will use it to pay all bills, food, his gas to and from work and do what I can to get him some savings started. He does not want too. He keeps wanting to try what is not working and dipping into my savings. He is going to read this. What do you all think?

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