help me with AMERICAN HISTORY… please? thanksss?

in china, the US competed with other nations for
a. chinese manufactured goods
b. asian trade routes
c. access to chinese consumers
d. territory

the goal of the Manhattan project was to
a. develop an atomic bomb
b. devise a stragety for invading japan
c. buikd eight new aircraft carries
d. defend NYC from submarine attacks

the small town, the medical business, and dishonest ministers were al targets of novelist
a. duke ellington
b. sinclair lewis
c. langston hughes
d. william randolph hearst

william J levitt contributed to the growth of suburbs by
a. mass-producing houses
b. criticizing ubanr life
c. desigining interstate highways
d. providing low-interest mortgage loans

Unlike the early rights leaders, Malcolm X believed strongly that
a. the races should be separated
b. african americans should copy whites
c. schools should be fully intergrated
d. african americans should move to mecca

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