Help! Im having a Bank of America Sonyma Nightmare!?

Me and my husband both applied for a Sonyma Mortgage through Bank of America back on 4/8 and almost 4 months later we still havent received a commitment letter. The excuses on why we havent received a commitment letter change everytime we call them. The loan officer im working with seldom answers her phone or returns phone calls. They were quick to collect the origination fee but have dragged their feet ever since. Since we are in contract and have come this far we feel we’re pretty much stuck with this bank. Is there anyone we can complain to? If the seller decides not to sign the next extention can we take any legal action against the bank? We are first time home buyers and are new to the process but we are sure Bank of America is doing a huge disservice to us and want to know if we could do anything about it.

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