help! i’m a single mom – should i take the assistant manager job at arbys or the part time sales job?

I’ve been looking for employment for a month now and just got 2 job offers!!!!!!!! I can’t do them both. both have pos. and neg. i am a single mom and don’t get any help from the father. so i need to figure out which is best for my child and myself. which one would you choose?

jc pennys sales job
-min. wage + commission on all sales
-part time (neg)
– get to spend more time with son (pos)
-won’t be able to pay off debt quickly or get off state assistance (neg)
-will enjoy what i do and be fairly stress free

Assistant manager
-40-50 hours per week!
-training an hour away from me for 6 weeks
-make lots of money and get good experience
-lots of time away from son (NEG!)
– a lot of work for little money (8.25 an hour)
btw my son is 16 months. he started daycare a few weeks ago and is having difficulty adjusting. i’ve always been a sahm and have rarely left him until now. and i’m asking here bc i always do! ty
well with arby’s ill get a bonus check every month plus a bunch of overtime. but it only pays 8.25 which i think is incredibly low for the amount of work.
and i have a degree.

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