Help, I wrote this letter to my bank says hard fight with money situation.Please my mistake?

(My situation is I have two jobs, had been in the retail trade with the Commission, others a bartender.With the recession continues, my bar Me Out, second job in retail with a Committee is terrible coz no sale .. My mortgage interest rate of 6%, and I will demand lower bank interest rate. I pay about $ 2,500 each month, and had difficulty because of the small savings, and the above reasons not to pay a portion of payments on utility bills, but hey with my bank with mortgage payments and was always on time, if in fact paid my mortgage contract, I started $ 200 more, then pay the usual price for my mortgage before Zahlung.DAS The body of the letter I wrote, please correct me if there is something wrong with me or HELP repeating my sentences, write a lot DANK.Ich this letter to unfortunate circumstances I was almost forced to offenders on my mortgage to explain. I did everything in my power to get the laps, but unfortunately I n ‘have not reached and you want to consider working with me for the interest rate on loans has led me to lose almost all my savings.My my main goal is less to stick to my house where I and my younger sister that I support my parents at home in Puerto Rico. The purpose of this letter is to your kind assistance to help me through a period of temporary financial difficulties Anfrage.Ich have two jobs to support my bills, one at the bar to pay, and secondly, in the retail sector is in favor of the commission. Once adopted by the Quebec Bar since January 2009, and has lost almost half of my commission to another position because of poor market, my income has clearly forced me too, last week my car broke. Shortly after losing almost all my savings now, I still continued to fall behind my payments utilities, where should I have been partial payments since February 2009.Ich even tried to sell the house, but the price was considerably gesunken.Jetzt It is the point where I can not interest rates, which is due to Washington Mutual to zahlen.Es my intention is full to pay what I owe. But at that moment that I spent all my income and resources, so I turn to you for help, and reduce the rate of interest on my mortgage for me might be a customer very valuable hilfreich.Ich Washington Mutual for the past 2 years, and timely payments to show them my worth as a client. I also believe that my credit rating has increased since I would be happy loan.We if you can work with us to reduce the amount owed or criminal and / or payment, so I keep my house and how the changes entstanden.Vielen you do with your company advance for your attention to this matter and please do not hesitate to contact me if you need more information.

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