HELP! I need to know whether this is a scam or not! :(?

I am interested in a car i found on autotrader and it’s at a very very cheap price for what it is. The seller says the reason it’s cheap is because he’s struggling to sell it where he’s from (Spain) and just wants to get rid of it. He says that he’ll cover the costs of shipping and the money transfer is going to be through Yahoo Finance. However, i’m not sure that yahoo finance even DO money transfers. He makes it out like it’s a sort of Ebay transaction as i don’t have to pay for it until a certain date. The links he gave me don’t seem legitimate. This is the link he gave me for Yahoo finance:

I want to believe him because it’s my dream car but i need to make sure i’m not going to be scammed! Can anybody help?

Our company in Spain due to various reasons is looking like it might go bankrupt. There is one director and 2 shareholders, 1/3 shares split equally. If this happens, what will happen to our credit ratings? Will we have problems taking out personal loans, mortgages etc?

No silly answers please, genuine question so genuine answers appreciated.

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