HELP! I can’t find my mortgage?

My loan was with TBW which closed last month. I am 3 months behind and was working w/ an outside mitigator to either refinance or short sell. Found out from them TBW closed. Still haven’t received any notice from a new comany & called all companies listed on TBW website – NO ONE CAN FIND MY LOAN. I know it’s prob in a bad debt pile and by the time someone gets to me its gonna be ready for foreclosure. HELP!!! How can I find it so I can save my home. Called Bank of America, Saxon, Owcela & Cenala (sp?) and nothing…. I am panicked!

236/365 doing the sums

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25/10/07 : i have a meeting at my bank tomorrow to chat about my future (selling up and buying somewhere cheaper to live in another city, getting a business loan, all sorts of exciting grown up things). tonight i went through my paperwork so that i can go in knowing my current position at least. the sums proved interesting. i just hope i feel as positive about things after the meeting. eep.

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