help! fake mortgage loan!?

The other day I tried to open a free checking account with suntrust bank on their online website. After I entered all my info it said it needed to verify my identity and that I had taken out a mortgage loan and that to confirm I am who I am, I needed to tell them where I had gotten the loan.. but I’ve never done any such thing! I live in an apartment!

I looked around on the internet and found on a government website that I’m permitted to see my credit file once a year for free, so when I requested it, they asked me for the same info about the loan! What should I do? Am I in serious trouble?
Edit: to the people replying: I DID select none of the above, and I am rejected when I do, for the bank application and for the credit file. This is what led me to believe someone really DID take a mortgage loan out in my name! So please help! How to I contact whoever I need to?

i got a quote of 7.75 interest rate on a 30 yr.conforming fixed home loan(for $ 45,000)and he told me it would be like 390 a month, not including tax and insurance. when i go to a mortgage calculator on the internet and type in 7.75%, 45,000 loan, and $ 0 down payment it says around $ 250 a month. can anyone tell me more about how this works, thank you

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