Help 1099 mortgage loan?

My husband works for a company that pays him with a 1099. He has only been there for a month. We tried to apply today for a mortgage loan. The Loan Officer said everything is perfect, EXCEPT that he gets paid through a 1099. He needs 2010 tax returns to prove income. Basically, they need to see whether nor not he writes anything off. If he writes anything off, its considered less income. The thing is that my husbands job pays for everything. There are no expenses.
I am confused though because w-2 employees pay for gas. They pay for uniforms and so forth. My husband is NOT self-employed, he simply pays his regular taxes at the end of the year. I tried to file an 1040 ES but today is the deadline, and we just found out today!

I heard that someone tried to go to a CPA and get a projected deductions form plus getting a letter from their employer stating that the company pays all expenses and that it would be illegal if they claimed any.

Could this work for us? Any advice?
Ok let me explain: My husband gets jobs through this company. They pay for everything. They pay for materials, tools, anything he needs. He has company cards to pay for any material and so forth. He only drives to work. The only thing he could even write off would be gas but the last time I checked w-2 employees do not get paid to drive to work. So, I feel that would be wrong.

His employee did agree that he would write a letter explaining the situation, in detail.
Ok. He gets paid by the hour. They supply him with work everyday. He has company cards (lowes, home depot) that he buys material with. He turns in receipts from lowes and home depot but not from his own expense. He has not gone without work since he has been there so I am not sure whether they would find hom something or not…

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