hello, a little finance/mortgage question?

My brain cannot compute this, can anyone help me out? and if you can show me the steps, thanks!!!

You have been living in the house you bought 10 years ago for $ 300,000. At that time, you took out a loan for 80% of the house at a fixed rate 15-year loan at an annual stated rate of 9%. You have just paid off the 120th monthly payment. Interest rates have meanwhile dropped steadily to 6% per year, and you think it is finally time to refinance the remaining balance. But there is a catch. The fee to refinance your loan is $ 4,000. Should you refinance the remaining balance? How much would you save/lose if you decided to refinance?

(There is one correct answer of these 6 choices)

(yes, gain 4053)
(yes, gain 3300)
(yes, gain 4647)
(no, lose 1323)
(no, lose 2300)
(no, lose 2331)

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