Have you ever moved with your baby?

I know at least one of my contacts has done this…but I wanted to pose this to everyone.

Some of you know how disgruntled I have been with my job lately (no vacation for a year etc). My husband has gotten several offers from a company a couple of hours away but keeps turning them down because the timing was bad and we didn’t want to sell our house when we had a newborn or when I was pregnant. Long story short, we both think it is time for a change so he has scheduled a meeting with them to talk.

My questions…

How hard is it to move with a baby?
Any tips?
How long did it take for baby to adjust to his/her new home?

Ben is 9 months and very mobile. But we would be very near some of my family and my best friend (the really good thing about moving), so I’m sure someone could take him for a bit while we unpack or could help my husband with the heavy lifting while I keep an eye on the boy.

Hubby just texted me to say that if we move he wants to build a house…great…just great.
Do you think that would work for a baby too, Sara?

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