Have you ever accepted financial help from your parents since you reached adulthood?

I’m struggling under credit card debt. Accrued a $ 20,000 balance. Actually cut up all the cards about around 1995, and for about 5 years after that I did a great job of making payments, cut balance down to a little under $ 10,000. Then seems like my life fell apart and I couldn’t find work, sold my vehicle to have money for rent. Stopped making credit card payments. Moved around a lot and stopped receiving billings.
For several years now I’ve gotten by without credit cards, living off what I make, oftentimes volunteering at places which provide room and board.
My parents have offered to pay off my balances. They offer, I assume, because they love me. But I’m finding it so hard to accept their gift. I think of it as a mess I made, and I should clean it up, not them.
I know other people who’ve let their parents give them money, sometimes way more than this amount.
Why can’t I just say yes to their gift? Please share if you have similar story. Thanks.

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