Have I been given run around, or is this normal?

All right handed. I am purchasing cooperative. I went to the market July 13 My contract stipulates the closure should be or about 15 September, however, my interest rate is locked, and it ends this Sunday, giving me four more days before the end. My loan is with the insurer as 3 weeks! Last married, they wanted more documents, I sent Thursday morning. Last Friday, they wanted more documents, I sent a letter and the seller, a lawyer who sent today (Monday). I still do not have a closed ward. The processor tells me that the loan is closed and the service and that I should hear (what I did). mortgage agent who dealt with the start I said that I should become clear that the end today, or 17:00 or 9:00 tomorrow. I asked all parties, except my realtor. Is this normal? Did I really close to this week? What could be be? I imagine that if there were problems with the loan, they tell me now, and it did not take the measurement. I was thinking about finding another lender but I really hate to repeat, I have already paid for appraisel! Division = date. Typo!
I asked the seller, obtain insurance, the assessment was made, signed papers for a mortgage broker, and my job is to return to work vormis.Mis the next step. The processor is now ready to work on. (What does this mean?) Even if insurers are looking at, and how long it usually takes? If the mortgage broker to approve my request and I signed all the documents, this means that the investor as well? I’m nervous that I refuse the insurer, after I went through all the work / documents. 🙂

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