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I hope to buy a house this year. But I do not get a mortgage of about $ 80,000 (because I’m only $ 27,000 a year, my source of credit is actually very high). I hope to buy a house close to $ 130,000 in the region. My mortgage broker says I could get an FHA loan exceeds the amount, if I have my parents co-sign the mortgage, but my parents are not ready to sign. But they are willing to give me a short term loan of $ 8,000. If I have money in my savings, if it increases the amount of the mortgage I qualify? Thank you!
My husband was fired a month ago and began working as a truck driver. But the company pays him $ 56,500 in ainult.I Earn money “is” the books and my W2. We’re both managing our credit, as they are on 580.Kui NY I apply for a loan should I include my husband, although they pay him money or they are not “count “your winnings? If I do not belong to him (which I’m sure I probably can not) how I could borrow or Sonyma FHA 3% down? Thank you for any input you can provide.

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