Have a question about AP’s?

Okay so next year I’ll be a sophomore (freshman right now) and didn’t take any AP’s yet.
My school doesn’t offer AP classes and i’m worried about that.
1) i’m gonna apply to top colleges but i dont think they’ll accept me because i didn’t take any AP’s in school. is that true? are my chances lower if i didn’t take any AP’s BECAUSE my school didn’t offer any (it’s a new school which opened this year)?

2) Can i do an independent study (by myself at home) and take it? is that acceptable? do schools allow that?

3) what are the chances of students who take the AP examinations to score a 5? (any stats?)

4) My school IS offering to let me take college classes on an actual college campus in Jan of next year. but i dont think it’s worth it BECAUSE a) I have to take the SAT this october b) it doesn’t look that good on your transcript c) i’ll be going in as a transfer student since i’ll get a lot of college credits (and colleges like Harvard and Stanford dont EVEN ACCEPT transfer kids!!) d) the college i’ll be taking college classes in a community college (blah!) e) if i mess up on the SAT (which i will since i’m taking it SO early) my chances of getting in an average college is done! 🙁

So what should I do? Independent study? or take the college credits? feel free to elaborate on your answer and explain more clearly! thanks.
plus, how hard will it be for me to get a 5 if i study by myself? *remember if i take AP classes, it’ll look better on my transcript!*
what did ya’ll get on your AP tests?
also, my dream college is Princeton…so does that affect this in any way? does princeton notice if you did an independent study? or that your school didn’t offer AP’s? will they still accept me (if i had a good gpa, sat score and etc) but just not having taken any APs?

what if i TAKE NO AP’s at all because my school didn’t offer it and not take the college credits either…will that affect my chances of princeton?

this is not my fault. i would’ve taken the classes if they were offered. 🙁
last question- i promise! – what’s a good amount of AP classes to take in all four years of hs?
10? is that too much? or too little? cuz thats the number i’m aiming for. or 20?
Someone please answer my question.
no links.
so you can chose to send in the AP test scores?
and what you’re saying is that the AP CLASS counts more than the test itself?

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