has my identity been stolen?

okay so here’s the jest of the situation. i keep getting calls from this NCO financial systems incorporated shit and there telling me that there debt collectors and i looked online to see if this was legit couldn’t find much out so then i proceeded to check my credit score online at EXPERIAN and Trans Union to check my credit score ext. and they had to ask me some questions to see if i was who i said i was and so forth. this is what it looked like

Now we just need to make sure that you are really you. These questions are based on information in your file, and only you should know the answers to them.

1.Your credit file indicates you may have a mortgage loan, opened in or around July 2006. Who is the credit provider for this account?

2. What is your total scheduled monthly payment for the above-referenced mortgage?

just to throw this out there
im 19 years old this year
iv never owned a credit card
iv only had a debit card and that was years ago
i currently dont have a bank account i cash all my checks
and iv never owned or mortgaged a house
iv never even bought a car or have a license
are these signs of identity theft and if so what should i do?
i dont have a income at the moment
and just so you know iv not once entered my S.S.N online
can anyone shed some light on this for me please?

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