Has anyone had a problem with their mortgage company to reassess timing of guarantee “for property taxes?

My mortgage company recently raised my payments by $ 440 to “catch up” with the tax month because they “re-evaluated their program of escrow.” Basically, they have an escrow account analysis during the month of August. This year, they paid my 2nd Installment of taxes in August (not September to the end), so that the second payment to the escrow analysis completed in August sind.Sind they do, because so many people are now willing to defect and did not recover the taxes they paid What else could be the logic? I think it was that if this happens everywhere, the results could be catastrophic for Hausbesitzer.Ich tent, she cries, and she gave me some lame answer, like the church called her and made her pay August, but it makes no sense mich.Danke.Ja I Immobilie.David B. Homestead – I lead will send tax bills and the mortgage company, so I know what I’m guilty. I’m not saying that I owe taxes but because they have changed the timetable trust account, I am basically paying 18 months of property taxes within 12 months. Wanted to know if someone went through this so? The failure rate in my area is about 15-18% last Jahr.Lender said if I can “fight through” increased 440/month for the next 12 months, then taxes will go down, what I propose to pay. close I think there must be a better way for them to do so. $ 440/month is extreme, even if it temporarily ist.Grouch, I totally agree with you. Unfortunately, a requirement for me a great reception rate that I trust account of the tax, with the lender. I thought about refinancing, but I’m at the right time and I want more bezahlen.Vielen Thanks for all the answers. I feel a little better that I’m not the only one this has happened.

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