Has anyone ever heard of a bank that says they guarantee a home loan closing within 72 hours of course?

We have a real estate dispute (please read my other? If written for more information) with a buyer on our residential real estate. We live in Florida, it was suspected that close of 9.29 per contract. We gave him an extension of a week without success. The extension ended yesterday. Throughout this process, we were told she had a letter of commitment from the lender, and we expected to wait for the release package to the company. Yesterday we discovered that they lied to the lender and told them it would be a residential property. (It would be nice to rent). Now the bank says it has committed mortgage fraud. I guess they tend to buy the loan of their money. He plans on Tuesday to another bank that says they will guarantee closed within 72 hours. Do you believe that? What we can take legal action against them? P> S> the buyer wanted to be the sales agent for more than their mother. We had to abandon the selling agents as name, because his credit.

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