Has anybody every heard of those signs that are out there that buy your house for cash? right away? ?

I heard that it was for people who were about to go bankrupt or something like that? Were not going to go bankrupt not even close we just really want to move out of our house and don’t want to wait. So would we be able to get what our house was worth (or at least close to what its worth) as is with out having financial issues?
We are looking at homes, our house is sorta fixed up it still needs a bit of work but we know how much we could get it as of right now the shape it is in and all. We would even be willing to accept a little less (with in reason of course) but my hubby and I were very curious about that. We’ve saw plenty of signs. We want to find the right house then just get rid of this house and not have to worry about the waiting period for finding another owner. Its tiny and the kitchen and basement still need work, as does the outside with curb appeal and all.
Yeah we were going to try to wait until 2010 when my hubby is at the top of his pay scale but his mother keeps insisting that we buy now buy now its a great time to buy but its a horrible period to sell. There was a house on our block that had there house up for sale for several months. But they were also asking A LOT.
Our house is worth 98,000 as is.

But we are willing to accept 85000 for it just because we got our house for a good deal. And that would give us a good bit of extra cash to spend towards down payment and things for the next house.

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