HARP program for Co-op thru Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo was my original lender in 2007 then sold my loan to Freddie Mac in 2008
Freddie Mac says I’m eligible for HARP (based on not being late on payment LTV, value…)
I have a co-op apartment.
Wells Fargo says property type is not eligible based on Freddie Mac guidelines
Freddie Mac says we have no such guidelines.
I went back to Wells Fargo, they’ll investigate?!?

Any had experience with HARP, Freddie Mac, Wells Fargo and the fact that apartment is a co-op, which aparently not everyone knows what it is?

Or should I just forget it and go with another lender?

Doubt Wells Fargo will be “fixing” their system for lil ole me.


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