Hahahahaha. My wife wants to refi the loan on the house.?

I payed cash for my house, before I met my wife. Almost 400k. Within the first year I took a loan out on it. Just 100k. For tax reasons and to open my small motorcycle shop I own and run. Two years ago we got married. Now she wants to refi. I’m a bit of reckless. I’m not drunk or drugs. But I race dirt bikes(for fun) and spend time with out law bike clubs. She wants to put her name on everything. If I die, she will get nothing. But there is money stashed for her, she just can’t get till I’m dead. Shes fearing she will have no house or anything. I don’t know what to do. Should I give in or just let her find out what’s behind door number two when I’m dead?

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