Had Bad Credit, Now A New Card…….?

First thanks to the previous posters that have helped me get this far!

Disputed all bad credit from the past, and sure enough some of them got dropped. I then read several posts that indicated Capital One was one of the easiest cards to apply for, I also applied at Macy’s.

Capital One denied me, but to my surprise Macy’s did give me a card with a $ 100 limit. I was very happy that they even gave me a card, which leads me to my question(s):

A.) Cash is not a problem, Will charge up the card weekly and paying it off weekly help? Or what is the best practice to show Macy’s that I am serious about my credit, so that I can get the limit raised.

B.) How often do you ask a retailer to up your limit?

C.)How to determine which mail offers will really give me a card vs just another mass mailing that will hurt the credit score?

Thanks in advance for the help!
Talked to Macy’s credit department today, and the rep. stated that credit limits can be reveiwed every 3 months.

In addition if I charge $ 100 a month and make a minimum payment of say $ 5 each month the request to up may limit may result in an addition $ 100 for a $ 200 limit. She stated that if you charged $ 100 weekly and paid it off weekly then the credit limit would be raised substantially higher at the end of the 3 months.

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